Mario’s Peruvian

If you are used to the typical “Mexican ceviche,” do not be surprised when you order a ceviche tostada at Mario’s Peruvian. It looks and tastes different, but it is actually pretty good! Unlike Mexican ceviche, Peruvian ceviche is served almost raw. The fish is marinated in a peculiar tasting sauce, accented with a splash of lemon and covered in purple onion. On the side, the ceviche is served with fresh corn and also dried-salted corn nuts. Prices are moderate. If you are looking for a place to experiment with new dishes, this would be the place. Mario’s Peruvian is located in the city of La Mirada, bordering the city of La Habra at 15720 Imperial Hwy La Mirada, CA 90638.  For more info call (562)902-8299.


3 Places in L.A. you might want to consider for breakfast

  • Sqirl – Yes. It’s the same “Sqirl” as the organic-homade jams. Jam maker Jessica Koslow just opened her workshop to serve breakfast!

720 N. Virgil Ave., No. 4, L.A., (213) 394-6526, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday through Tuesday 7 a.m. to 3. p.m.

  • The Parish– Just opened on October for breakfast. Menu is limited, but prices start at $4.

840 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, (213) 225.2400. Breakfast 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. daily.

  • Cortez– Their menu is very original, considering it changes almost every day. They also  just added brunch on the weekends.

1356 Allison Ave., at West Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park, (213) 481-8015. Weekend brunch, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., other days     breakfast starts at 10 a.m.

Read more about these places HERE. 

Tequila Jack’s

Talk about the perfect place for a fun and adventurous date. Tequila Jack’s is located in   Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor, overseeing the beautiful city skyline. Tequila Jack’s offers a variety of Mexican and Seafood dishes. I ordered the Ceviche Tostadas, which in my opinion were a success. I literally cleaned the plate! If you are looking for nice place for drinks, Tequila Jack’s is also the right place for that. It offers a great selection of Tequila brands… obviously and other kinds of drinks too, including Margaritas, for those hot and sunny days. If you don’t believe how incredible this place is check it out HERE. The prices are beyond affordable and the food is great. Lindsey and Matt,who were my two amazing dates for the night, agree this place rocks!


I mainly talk about restaurants in this blog, but since this was an incredible triple date with Lindsey and Matt, I want to mention that just around the block from Tequila Jack’s you can find the Aquarium of the Pacific, a great place to visit if you live in Southern California.



Today, I discovered the most “down-to-earth” restaurant in all Orange County. Rutabegorz or Ruta’s for short, is located in the heart of Fullerton CA, and although it looks very low-key from the outside, it is ranked the #3 vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Orange  County, according to  the O.C. Register.  The ambiance of this place is fun and relaxed. The the place itself is cozy, but at the same time eccentric, which makes it the perfect combination. The food is incredible and the prices are great. They have a variety of options to choose from such as appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, pastas, Mexican and their famous salads.  This place is the perfect location to have a very casual date night or simply to go and study.



Felix Continental Cafe

Felix Continental Cafe


If you are ready for something more exotic try Felix Continental Cafe located in the city of Orange. The authenticity of this place is unbelievable. Every dish captures the spices and flavor of Cuba and Spain. The prices are reasonable for the quantity and quality of the food…. but don’t be scared, no dish is over $15. They serve breakfast on the weekends only, from 8am until noon and lunch and dinner every day until 10pm. This place is a MUST, if you like trying different types of food.

How to get there!

Fa-Sai Thai Cuisine

This week my friend Marissa from Oregon came over to visit. We wanted to eat at an authentic and affordable Thai food restaurant, so after a few minutes of web searching, we came a cross Fa-Sai Thai Cuisine. The place it self is not very fancy; tacky colored walls, few small tables and no restroom. The service was standard. Although the waitress was charismatic, the waiting time to get our food was ridiculous. I do have to say though that the food was amazing. Portion sizes are big; could have been a meal for two… but of course I ate the entire plate by myself. Prices are very affordable…hint hint college students. An average meal will cost you $7 to $9. I decided on the Thai Fried Rice with shrimp ( meat of your choice, fried rice, onion, tomatoes and egg) for only $6.99. All fried rice and fried noodles meals charge an additional dollar for white beef, chicken, pork, tofu and shrimp. For combination of meats or seafood it is $2 extra. The greatest thing about this place is that they provide take out service  for both pickup or delivery. You can either call or order online. The website is and the phone number is (714)956-2830. The full menu is also provide on the restaurant’s website. 

Delivery Hours
Mon:1:00 PM to 8:55 PM
Tue:1:00 PM to 8:55 PM
Wed:1:00 PM to 8:55 PM
Thu:1:00 PM to 8:55 PM
Fri:11:00 AM to 9:55 PM
Sat:3:00 PM to 9:55 PM
Sun:11:00 AM to 9:55 PM